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School project 'Mataura City of the Falls'

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Child's school workbook that belonged to Isobel LLoyd [later Lafferty]. Form 3c, Gore High School, Titled 'Project Of Mataura , The City of the Falls. 'It was written when she was 13. It is hand printed in ink and has many photographs with names of people. It also has paper cuttings and hand drawn pictures. It is indexed in chapters. An interesting entry states it was It her 7th birthday the day the new Mataura bridge was opened. The book is an exercise book with lines on one page and blank on the opposite side and has a wallpaper cover.

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  • Title

    School project 'Mataura City of the Falls'

  • Maker

    Lafferty, Isobel

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  • Additional information

    processed materials paper, h 212mm, x w 170mm x d 10mm small

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    All rights reserved

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