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Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' Administrative Records 1876-1888

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Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' Administrative Records 1876-1888. a. Roll of volunteers of Cromwell Riffles entitled to pay and capitation (4 pages), year not specified. b. State of Company Form as at 31st January 1886 c. State of Company Form as at 31st January 1886 (numbers differ slightly to b). d. Inspection Parade Form dated Thursday 25th February 1886. e. Inspection Parade booklet 25th August 1876 to 24th October 1878 detailing numbers present, and names of those absent. f. Musketry drill and practice return "rough copy" for the period 19th August to 22nd December 1887. g. Register of Judging Distance Practice Dec 1888. h. Company's registers of target practice, three booklets 4th September 1886 to April 1888 i. Class Firing Register November 1876 to 13th October 1877

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    Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' Administrative Records 1876-1888

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    Documents, Administrative records, Military

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