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Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' Enrolment and Discharge Records 1881-1889

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Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' administrative records 1881-1889. a. Form of Enrolment for various individuals 1888-9 (6), signed by David A Jolly as Justice of the Peace for the Colony of New Zealand b. Discharge Certificates 1886 (2) signed by D A Jolly Captain c. Requests for Discharge 1881 and 1889 (2), by Henry Hotop and unknown

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    Cromwell Rifle Volunteers' Enrolment and Discharge Records 1881-1889

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    Documents, Administrative records, Military

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    Paper Ink, a. L 340mm x W 219mm b L 173mm x W 219mm c. L 201mm x W 122mm

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    All rights reserved

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    47 The Mall CROMWELL 9310

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